Unboxing 2009

Welcome to the year 2009. Sometimes I think a new year (or a new semester) is like a package waiting to be opened. I've been waiting for this one, and I'm excited about it's contents, but I'm not too sure how everything will play out.

I guess this is going to be one of the more important years of my life. By the time it is over, I should have finished taking every academic class I'll ever take, gotten a diploma, biked 4500 miles to Alaska, and more!

For now though, I'm returning to this fun joelisfar (short for Joel Isaac Farris) blog because of RTF 344m: Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. So far it has been my HS Projects Reel, my misc. / haircut videos reel, and I've even posted two projects I've created at UT. BUT NOW, in 344m, I must use this blog to post and submit each of my assignments, each week.

So here we go, the box has arrived, consider this the kickoff, the toast.

Cheers 2009.